Office Culture

My coworkers at Amplify are my family. Their late nights and heroic efforts inspired me to create merit badges, motivational posters, last minute happy hours and elaborate desk pranks.


For our company hackathon we wanted to build something out of paper since we're designers and can't code. They were renovating the next floor down so the staircase near us was filled in, it had become kind of an eyesore. The three of us decided to build a 3D paper model of one of the ecosystems covered in our Amplify Science curriculum around the space. Here's the presentation video we made, we won most creative!

Merit badges for the elite.

California Curriculum Adoption

I made a playlist and a thank you image for monitors in the office during a particularly overwhelming deadline for California.

Desk Pranks

My first attempt, the desk that launched a thousand desk pranks #putabirdonit

This was how they all retaliated on my birthday. I may have started the desk war, but they won.

Mr. Kitty Caterpillar got us through some overwhelming deadlines.


And when all else fails it's time to dance...